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UnResolved, The Blessings of a Resolved Lifestyle 

Issues of The Heart!

Can you drive a car forward with your foot on the brakes? That's how life can be- trying to move forward with UnResolved issues. Read personal testimonies and documented solutions for resolving “Issues of the Heart“ and controlling one’s emotions. Then, celebrate your New Freedom as you enjoy a resolved - happy lifestyle. BE HAPPY!

BONUS: Includes: Personal journal activity pages, inspiration scriptures, and a corresponding copyright relationship prayer at the end of each chapter.

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Paperback / New

UnResolved, The Blessings of a Resolved Lifestyle

School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12 

Back to School

Read the accountability strategies teachers and parents use to create a positive learning environment for students in grades, K-12. A Guaranteed anger management tool for service learners, integrated community engagements, and proactive solutions for students' emotional and social well-being.

Bonus Package Includes: Career development tutorials, portfolio and resume samples - required documents for college registration and entrance level positions.

BUY NOW! www.resolved-2010.com 

School Readiness for Parents & Children, K-12


Embracing your Diversity

Learn effective leadership and anger management skills for Home | School | Community | Workplace. These two levels of commitments help families to understand why respect, not acceptance, and love are two most valuable psychological attitudes for all family members and workplace leaders. Remember, People always - remember Character!

Read more in FAMILY REUNION at www.resolved-2010.com

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All Benefits!

Dropping Out of School IS NOT an Option! Parental Involvement.


Student Intervention Mouse

Small Groups | Adults | Teens |  Family Life | Parenting | Mentoring


Most Powerful ~ Intimate Styled - CD'S

Issues of the  HEART  for the young & wise !

Single Mothers  | Stepfathers | Homelessness

Don't Fear Going to Bethlehem

Adult Women & Men:  Cultivating My Character, Power of a Confident & Secured Relationship, Parenting in  Relationships​

ADULT- Relationships

Early Signs, Characteristics, Essential Qualities Required for Leadership, Parent Modeled Samples

How to Recognize Leadership Skills in Children, K-12

New life Commitments:  What do I do when God has saved me  and not my Parents, Friends, and Schools.?

GOD - Teens, and Adults

Relationship Barriers, Trust vs Confidence,  The Power of Humility, Victorious Tools,   A  Three  (3) Fold Cord,.

ISSUES of the Family

Social Laws, Count up the Cost, Trying to Fit In, Wants vs Needs, Sample Resume and Employment / Career Letters.


2020,  NEW DAY CHURCH - The Silent Cries,  Youth - Survival Skills,  Adult & Teen Parenting,  Collaborated Parent Liaisons,  

HELP - The Silent Cry

Resolved vs Dissolved, Three (3) levels of Emotional Heart Burns, Pain & Embarrassment, Resiliency, Your Bounce Back.​

Living the Resolved Lifestyle

THANK-ful-NESS    Thanksliving for Family, Home, Community,  My Church.

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